Woman Reveals Unglamorous Reality Of Manhattan Apartment

One of the main downsides of living in the city that never sleeps is that it doesn’t sleep because it’s so goddamn expensive. New York might be one of the most iconic places in the world, but it’s also got the kind of rent prices that many people would have to sell their soul to afford. It can lead many to some strange living situations, from shacking up in a 16 person ‘entrepreneur mansion’ to finding an entire abandoned apartment behind the bathroom mirror

For most New Yorkers, though, the main issue is paying extortionate amounts for crappy living conditions. Tiktoker @taryntino21 has eloquently demonstrated this with a video of her home. In it, she shows how in her apartment on the Upper East Side, she can’t open one of her kitchen cabinets because it is blocked by the oven. She also demonstrates how she has to run her shower for fifteen minutes to get lukewarm water and points out all the nearby restaurants that she can’t afford to eat at.

Some viewers shared her pain in trying to find decent housing in expensive areas, but others were baffled as to why anyone would willingly spend that amount of money for the pleasure of living in the big city. Despite these complaints, the woman was firmly convinced of staying in New York. Sure, you might not have fully functioning cupboards, but someone’s got to show that it’s not just for squillionaires.

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