Workers Discuss Whether They Skip Lunch At Work, And Why

Lunch breaks are a tricky beast. Some bosses shame their workers for not using their lunch breaks to socialize with their coworkers. Others encourage their employees to eat as quickly as possible so they can return to work. The best jobs are the ones where management is required by law to give their employees a certain amount of break time. 

At this point in my life, I don’t need to take a 30-minute lunch break. My stomach is like a vacuum cleaner, and any meal I consume can be sucked down in less than 10 minutes. But every job is different! When I worked 8 hours a day at a library where I could not look at my phone and had to watch security cameras all day, I valued my 30 minutes of lunch more than anything. I listened to podcasts, I ate delicious pasta, and I fully enjoyed my worker’s rights. After finding an article that said that 1 in 4 Gen Z workers hesitate to take a full lunch break, Redditor u/TCS728 asked the workers of Reddit whether they take a lunch break. The answers were varied and informative. 

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