Workers Share The Worst Things Their Bosses Have Ever Said To Them

Employment can be a real piece of work. Being the underling of your boss can go sour quickly. As anyone in the workforce knows, employers are often more than willing to take advantage of their employees because they think they can get away with it. Horrible bosses believe they can squeeze the life out of their workers and continue doing so because they don’t think they will ever quit. Who among us hasn’t had a boss who watches our every move, making you terrified of making one error to risk being yelled at, fired, or both. It’s one thing getting yelled at by miserable Karens and their bonehead husbands, but receiving a verbal beating from your supervisor is a different kind of humiliation. It can be challenging to have solidarity with your coworkers in the face of crude injustice. However, on platforms like Reddit, workers are free to share the details of the heartless things their bosses have said to them. 

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