15+ of the Most Underrated Funny TikTok Videos from 2022 That You Might’ve Missed

TikTok is a strange and beautiful place. It’s an app where people post the most random videos, but also the most educational. It has become one of then most influential apps of the generation and it quite literally causes a stir in multiple countries’ governments. What is it about these videos that make us all go crazy? Even if you don’t like TikTok and you’re more of a Reddit person, Instagram, or even Facebook person. It doesn’t even matter anymore. It’s very likely that the video you’re obsessed with on the Internet was probably initially posted to TikTok before any other outlet. You know the big shots viral videos of 2022 like corn kid or the «my money don’t jiggly jiggly» guy, but we came across some videos this year that we truly couldn’t forget. The kind of videos that are so silly that their obviously stupid, but oh my god you just can’t stop watching it over and over again. So here are our favorite underrated TikTok videos you might have missed this year! 

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