20+ Best Inspiring Therapy Memes/Tweets of the Week for the Dramatic Crowd (February 14, 2023)

Bah, Valentine’s day. Gross. Good thing my therapist is free today, otherwise, I’d be on my way to a bridge. I’m kidding, for the record. But passing the supermarket aisle with all that lovey-dovey stuff does kinda make me wanna gag. Let’s zoom in for a moment on therapy — it’s one of the few good ‘trends’ as of late, and it’s nice that people can be honest without being judged negatively about it. In the past, if you’d told your family you were going to therapy, they’d have thought you were crazy.

Today? They’ll be like ‘Thank God’. It’s a huge green flag when you find out someone is going to therapy because it shows a certain level of maturity and awareness. Plus, it means they got money. KIDDING AGAIN. Lol, broke people can go to therapy — just take me as an example. But to be fair, it is pretty expensive, and should definitely be more accessible.

I am still a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine, so scroll down for the funniest batch of therapy memes I’ve compiled this week. For more, check out last week’s memes here.

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