20 Funniest Memes About the British Museum That Will Steal a Good LOL

Ahhh, good ‘ole England. The U.K., God save the King, right? We just love how they stopped trying to conquer the entire world, but kept little souvenirs from everywhere they wreaked havoc. Like a psycho path might keep a little something to remind them of their victim. It just really adds that *chef’s kiss* to their culture. Listen, we’re not trying to get into that «who’s worse: America or the U.K». kind of conversations that this tends to lean towards. Because they both have such a long and grotesque history of inexplicably inhuman behaviors that it could go on forever. We’re just here to provide you with some funny memes to get a good LOL—this time around it’s to the memes about how the British Museum is almost completely comprised of stolen artifacts that they refuse to return to their country of origin. Can we just enjoy how funny these memes are and how epically they roast this huge establishment, please?  

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