20+ Legendary Tweets That People Think Should Be Made Into Movies

Depending on who you listen to, you might think that the movie industry is in some kind of crisis. With all of the endless remakes, uninspired superhero spiels and low quality blockbusters, some movie lovers feel like Hollywood is lacking its usual magic.

In theory, this is where independent film comes in. Telling the tales that evade the mainstream, they should be the perfect way to sneak some weird and wonderful stories into the cinema. Taking inspiration from the internet is a natural progression of this, or at least this is what spoof account @A24films_ seems to think. Asking people which tweets they thought should be made into movies, they were overwhelmed by the response. 

It’s amazing the kinds of information you can squeeze into 280 characters and it’s no surprise that many of the examples that were suggested had plotlines your average writer’s room would kill for. Some might argue that indie movies can be way too pretentious and just as boring as any crappy hit; however, it’s hard to imagine them falling into that trap when they are inspired by the finest minds of Weird Twitter.


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