A Handful of Memes for Avoiding First World Problems

If you’re an adult human, chances are you’re currently stressed out about something. Maybe you had to file an extension on your taxes because you didn’t keep track of your finances (or anything really) during the ‘crippling depression’ stage of the pandemic. Maybe the more that ‘unread email’ total rapidly increases by the day, the more you dread completing the inevitable Sisyphean task of going through them, one by one. Maybe you know you should return your mom’s phone call, but the mere idea of having yet another what-are-you-doing-with-your-life conversation has transformed you into an anxiety machine. Whatever it is, we’re here for you. No, we can’t make your problems go away, but we can definitely help you ignore them! Keep scrolling for a bunch of relatable memes that might help take your mind off life’s stresses. 

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