A Haphazard Splatter of Memes

One of the greatest things about memes is that they represent life. There is a certain predictable pattern to them that you don’t have to look very closely for, but the best ones also have an element of unpredictability. It’s getting this balance right all the time that keeps us coming back to them. While it may be true that not every meme has to be completely relatable, the ones we enjoy always have an element that captures our imagination. In a way, maybe that makes every single meme that we end up liking kind of relatable. 

While we might not be guaranteed that with every random meme list, the fun comes with the sense of possibility. That next surprisingly relatable moment is just around the corner. We’ve just got to be willing to keep on trucking for it. You never know, it could be right here. That’s what makes it worth it.

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