A Sampling of Adorable Animals Caught In Unusual Places

Animals can be hilarious without even trying. From elephants attending the funerals of the people they’ve killed to ducks going to the pub, animals can get into absolutely absurd situations without anyone’s help. Nobody knows how or why they got there, but you wish they could tell you about it. When I was a kid, I had a dog named Bear, one of the most intelligent animals I’ve ever met. One time, we left him in his crate at home, and when we returned, we couldn’t believe what he did. Not only did he escape his crate, he also managed to turn on the bathtub and turn it off. We found him in the bathtub filled with a marginal amount of water and the faucet not running. The series of actions he took to get to that point will always be a mystery because, unfortunately, animals can’t talk. However, through the power of photography, we can catch all sorts of animals in the act of being goofy, laughing too hard to care about how they got there. 

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