A Smooth Collection Of Jazz Memes For All The Cool Cats

Music fans can argue until they’re blue in the face about whatever genre of music is the ‘best’ one, but there’s no denying those that are the most influential. Certain types of classical rank highly in this regard, as do things like the Blues. Also up there with these greats is the behemoth that is jazz music. 

While squalling saxophones or wildly experimental, hours-long improvs might not be to everyone’s taste, there’s no denying that its musical impact extends way beyond its humble origins in New Orleans. On top of that, there’s a type of jazz to fit almost every mood: from danceable swing to those eighties elevator-ready smooth tunes, it’s a testament to how the music has touched the lives of nearly all of us in the Western world at some point or another. These memes celebrate the ups and downs that come with being a jazz musician and fan, and we’re not just talking about the key changes. Most of us are just freestyling our way through life anyway. 

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