Airplane Passengers Have Bizarre Flight Experience That Nobody Can Explain

Most of us can agree that flying is frequently one of the worst forms of transport imaginable. Airports are a nightmare, the legroom is scarce, and now you can’t even guarantee that you won’t have to participate in an impromptu ukulele lesson

There are many things to hate about being on the average airplane, but usually this doesn’t involve an expectation that you are going to be pranked. Nonetheless, that is exactly what seemed to happen to everybody on Emerson Collins’s recent flight, where a mysterious individual appeared to hijack the intercom and wreak havoc for the entirety of the journey.

Posting about the odd experience to TikTok, viewers were left scratching their heads over what could have caused such and weird and hilarious disruption. While people had their theories, the source of the noise has not been confirmed. It’s more entertaining than staring out the window, that’s for sure.

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