Alien Memes & Things For Lovers of All Things Extraterrestrial

I’ve never doubted the existence of extraterrestrials. It seems too pompous to believe we’re the only intelligent life in this galaxy. But it seems that aliens are a pretty popular – and polarizing – topic. Just relatively recently the United States government confirmed several UFO sightings – and released footage. They have not ruled out aliens from their theories. But it’s not like this news created a ton more interest in the possibility of extraterrestrials. There have been reported sightings, entire subcultures surrounding their existence, and even, of course, meme events, like the famed Area 51 meetup of 2019. So it should come as no surprise that aliens are present in memes, beyond the 420 aliens I used to love so much. Here’s a little sampling of some of those memes – silly, stupid, and straight up weird. Hopefully our extraterrestrial friends have a similar demeanor. 

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