All the Best Tweets About Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian Holding Hands

Pete Davidson seems to have a way with women. And while we don’t understand it, his allure might have possessed America’s most famous almost-divorcee, Kim Kardashian. Her marriage to Kanye Westwas her third since age 19, and since filing for divorce in February, the media personality had yet to be spotted with any potential love interests. Until photos were leaked of her holding hands with Davidson at Knott’s Berry Farm on Friday just a couple weeks after they shared a kiss (as Aladdin and Jasmine) on Saturday Night Live.

The duo may seem unlikely to a lot of people – Pete’s almost 15 years her junior – but they actually run in the same circles. Davidson’s pals with Machine Gun Kelly, who has been spending a lot of time with Kim’s sister Kourtney and her fiancee, Travis Barker (who were also at the amusement park). While some sources have said that Pete and Kim are just friends,Gawker has reported that they are, in fact, doing it. Apparently they spent the night together in a Los Angeles hotel on October 28th. As «friends» are wont to do. 

Whatever the status of their «friendship,» the internet is practically frothing at the mouth regarding the possibilities. Twitter has been especially active in reacting to the revelation, making jokes about the photos, but mostly about Pete Davidson’s mystifying ability to land women. First Ariana Grande, then Kate Beckinsale, and now, maybe Kim. We’ve put together our favorite jokes and reactions, but rest assured there’s more where these came from. After all, people do love talking about the Kardashians. 

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