Amputee Triumphs Over Insensitive Guy In Argument Over Disabled Parking

Having a disability is not an easy thing to navigate at the best of times. When you live in a world that assumes that everyone in it functions in exactly the same way, it can get very frustrating. The accommodations allowed for disabilities of all kinds can be few and far between, no matter how important or essential they are. 

What’s worse is that there are a lot of unpleasant people out there who are all too happy to make it as difficult as possible to access these facilities. While such things can be abused by some, there are still plenty out there who need them — and don’t get them when they should. 

One person who recently ran into a dilemma with this is u/Superb-Watercress-28, who got into an altercation over parking in a disabled spot. When the man who had been angling to park where she just had refused to back down, she went to extremes to point out that actually, she did need it. Despite the reaction from this stranger and even her own family, Redditors were firmly on her side. Not all disabilities are immediately visible, after all.


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