An Deep Compilation of Deep Thoughts With ‘The Deep’ From ‘The Boys’

I’ve only seen one episode of the latest season of The Boys. And it was pretty damn insane, which is saying a lot about a show that revels in gratuitous violence and (thankfully) humor. The show’s critical depiction of Marvel-esque superhero worship has a nice chunk of the binge-watching population in it the palm of its hand. And while a lot of it is thanks to the aforementioned violence and wit, there’s something to be said about the character development. Every character is pretty complex, but maybe the least so would be ‘The Deep,’ the «hero» played by Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame. The Deep is just one of the show’s many antagonists, and the only thing deep about him is his superpowers, which allow him to breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures. Perhaps this is why the recent meme format featuring the character is so damn funny. 

‘Deep Thoughts With the Deep’ is inspired by a YouTube video in the show, a video intended to help market ‘The Deep’ to the public. The video has clearly succeeded outside of the world of The Boys, and pokes fun at The Deep’s «deep thoughts,» sort of similar to Jack Handy, but not as clever. We love our memes nice and stupid, and it doesn’t get much more stupid than this. 

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