Anteater Memes For World Anteater Day

Today is World Anteater Day, and what better way to celebrate than honor the greatest anteater of modern times, Arthur, from the hit PBS show Arthur. Arthur is not only an aardvark but also an anteater. This is a 3rd grader who contains multitudes! In his cartoon form, he resembles a mouse more than any real anteater in the wild. However, every real Arthur stan will know that he resembled an authentic anteater perfectly in his first book incarnation, Arthur’s Nose. Unfortunately, the creative team behind the Arthur literary/cinematic universe decided his anteater-accurate nose was «too much» for the young PBS viewers. And to be fair, they were kind of right. Arthur’s Nose really freaked me out as a child. But the anteaters and aardvarks of the world deserve good representation. They deserve anteaters in the media that actually eat ants and have horrifyingly long noses. If you are an ally to the aardvark community, these anteater memes might brighten up your World Anteater Day. 

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