Aussies Recall Terrifying Times They Fell Prey To Venomous Native Creatures

Australia is one of the wildest countries in the Western world — quite literally. The place is famous for its plethora of unique and beautiful wildlife, but unfortunately a lot of it is pretty dangerous, too. To anyone looking in from the outside, you’d think that the average Australian can’t take two steps out of their front door without being confronted with all manner of lethal creepy crawlies.

While this might not be the truth for most, it’s certainly not uncommon to come face to face with creatures that pack a punch when they get messed with. This was recently outlined in a thread on Reddit, in which Aussies offered up some scary stories about times when they had gotten into trouble with some of their less cuddly wildlife.

As one side of my family are Australian, I’ve taken a fair few trips Down Under. Thankfully, none of them have ever resulted in having a run-in with a dangerous critter, although one of my cousins once had to take a trip to the hospital after some kind of spider took a dislike to him. As a general rule, a lot of these venomous animals don’t go near humans if they can help it, but accidents can always happen. It’s lucky that all those in this thread who had a bad experience managed to get out of it in one piece. 

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