Best Stoic Classical Memes That Add Much Value To The Art

If you got class, you got sass, and these memes are serving the tea. Okay so that sentence didn’t make much sense, but that’s kind of the point. Who was the genius who thought that art and memes go together? Initially, that might not have made sense either. But they certainly succeeded in creating a meme revolution of sorts. Whoever the wise expert was, we hold some serious respect for them. It’s a funny mix between philosophy and modern stupidity. 


The stoic expressions are what add the spice. I mean, if you look at the art and then read the commentary, you put two and two together and get one heck of a meme. Plus, bonus points to whoever isn’t using proper punctual grammar. If you’re an art student and you feel like you need to add a bit of sauce to your tiresome studies, this is gonna do the trick. And if you’re a general meme lover, these will hit the nail in the right spot (pun intended). Scroll down to see for yourself.

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