Birding Memes For Seasoned Ornithologists and Amateur Birdwatchers

The birding community is a special one. In my experience, they take care of the land where they’re seeking a glimpse of the next rare bird. They smile at their fellow binocular-ed passersby, share good spots (but not all of them), and pick up trash as they go on their way. The hobby is (mostly) a respectable one, involving an appreciation for living things. It’s allowed me to be more present, soaking up the quiet beauty of most surroundings. It’s tough to be a birder in New York City. 

The same community has a much different presence on the internet. Many bird-obsessed people have taken to making memes about birding. Some are relatable, about the struggle of taking grainy photos of special birds. Others are just for fun. For example, this last week over at the Birding Memes page, group members started photoshopping album covers and movie posters (poorly)  to be a bit more…reflective of their interests. As an avid lover of shitposting and looking at birds, no group has ever resonated so well with me. Here’s hoping that the fruits of birding meme-makers resonate with you, too.

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