Boss Attempts to Pay Dishwasher Less Than Minimum Wage Because He Thinks He Works Too Slow

There’s nothing worse than a slimy boss who thinks they’re a good person because they pay a little more than minimum wage. Of course, some dirty bosses only pay minimum wage, but at least those people can’t rub it in your face that they’re allegedly good people; at least they feel a little bit of shame.

Working a service job is awful, not only because the pay is usually terrible but because you’re constantly being surveilled by your «superiors.» Anything you do can and will be used against you because, for that 4-8 hour shift, you are expected to act like an extension of a brand. So many bosses hold their employees to insanely high standards, despite paying them barely a buffalo nickel an hour. One boss thought he could get advice on Reddit about underpaying a dishwasher due to his alleged «laziness.» Instead, he got roasted for being a cruel cheapskate

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