Cringey Times People Thought They Were Being Deep

When I was a middle schooler, and if I’m being honest, a high schooler, I thought I was deep AF. The pain that coursed through my little hormonal veins was so potent. My LiveJournal was filled with Radiohead lyrics that not-so-subtly were directed at my ex-boyfriend, and stupid pictures with sad filters and contrived poetry. I scrawled the same lyrics on my ripped jeans and walked miles with my Discman with tears in my heavily lined eyes thinking about how hard my life was.  

While I grew out of that phase for the most part, it would seem that the cringe of youthful angst is still alive and well on the internet. And it’s not just coming from 14-year-olds. While the subreddit r/im14andthisisdeep namechecks the age group, it’s got loads of terrible groan-worthy posts and memes that are really great for making a person feel better about themselves. So enjoy. 

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