Daft And Demented YouTube Thumbnails That Someone Really Sat Down And Made

The internet would not be the same place it is today without the impact of YouTube. Once the iconic video sharing platform was launched almost two decades ago, we’ve never looked at putting ourselves out there online in the same way since.

From the numerous people who launched careers off it to all the weird and wonderful viral videos it spawned, the golden era of the place was truly something special. It’s still an important part of how we view the world now, too. Whether you’re a sucker for video essayists or you have a hankering for sh*tpost videos, there’s a likelihood you spend a not inconsiderable amount of time there.

However, this doesn’t mean that absolutely everything you come across on the platform is the peak of quality. In fact, it can often be quite the opposite. As YouTube has become an entertainment behemoth, the amount of downright bizarre clickbait it hosts has increased to unbelievable levels. There’s a fine art to the weird YouTube thumbnail, designed for nothing more than gaining clicks and gaming the algorithm. They may rarely make sense even in context, but they aren’t short on amusement (if you’re partial to feeling like your brain is melting, that is).


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