Delusional Father Tells His University-Student 15-Year-Old Daughter Studying Physics And Computer Science That She’s «Not Gifted»

As a kid, I had no delusions about being «gifted and talented.» I was not put in the gifted program as an Elementary schooler, and I’m so glad because I’ve grown up to be a well-adjusted adult who doesn’t need academic validation to feel accomplished. Unfortunately, many kids get put into gifted programs only to find out later that they’re just average. That can be an upsetting realization, and it could’ve been solved by not telling kids who are only slightly above average that they’re actually exceptional. 

This story is not the story of a misguided normal child who thinks their gifted—quite the opposite. A father decided to take his 15-year-old daughter down a peg by telling her she’s not gifted. This teen is literally about to go to university to study physics and computer science. Redditors came to his daughter’s defense to prove just how wrong he was. 

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