Delusional Husband Demands Wife Introduce Him As Pilot Despite Having Zero Piloting Experience

Listen, everyone has a dream. Lucky people have passions. But not everyone is lucky enough to do what they love, or even pursue it professionally. So we’re stuck doing jobs like writing for a content mill or working as the manager of a fast food restaurant. The latter happens to be the case for an especially insane redditor, who took to the site (in a now-deleted post) to ask for help from avgeeks and pilots with a very peculiar relationship problem. 

The redditor explains that while he works as the manager of a fast food chain, he’s an aviation enthusiast in his spare time. 

«I have spent thousands of dollars on flight textbooks, sim gear, and even built my own a330 setup. I have never actually flown a plane or started flight training, but I have considered it for a long time. Even though my skills are not a career, I still consider myself as adept or possibly more knowledgeable than the average pilot.»

If you’re raising your eyebrow (or brows) right now, you’re not alone. Dude already seems bonkers. But he seems even crazier when he explains the reason he needed the help of…Reddit. 

 «My wife and I were invited to one of her male coworkers house for a barbecue. My wife is a senior software tech for a Covid startup. She’s worked there since 2020, a lucky catch after she was laid off from her previous job due to the virus. It was my first time meeting many of her now-close coworkers due to Covid and working from home. I had assumed she’d talked about me before, but as we were cycling through introductions I became less sure. We make our way down the line to the host of the party, a new male hire that she has grown platonically close with. We exchange casual conversation and Greg (host) asked what I do for a living. My wife chimes in with «He manages a [insert fast food chain], it certainly comes with some benefits (I’m assuming she’s referring to free food)», in a voice that implied nothing was wrong with what she said. I very quickly corrected her and told him that I am a pilot. My wife already knows how insecure I am about my job and how I’d much rather be introduced by my hobby. I’ve earned the title of pilot through my 500+ hours on and sim and thousands of dollars put into my craft. I think it is incredibly disrespectful for her not to acknowledge my skills and training. Just because I don’t have the title of pilot on an overpriced piece of paper doesn’t mean I’m not a pilot. I laughed it off with Greg, told him under my breath that my wife was often forgetful (which I’m sure he’s realized just from working with her). He seemed to brush it off casually. At this point, I’m fuming, but I don’t go much farther than exchanging some nasty glances at my wife for the rest of the night. As we pack into the car to leave, the argument starts. She feels as if I don’t deserve my title as a Pilot because I’m not professional. I told her she is completely insensitive to the work i’ve done and she will never understand what it’s like to study so much. She’s currently on the couch as I type this. Am I really the asshole for asking to be respected?»

We barely know where to begin, here. Dude manages to disrespect his wife, demean her, and lie to her colleague in the same evening – a true piece of work. And he still has the gall to think there’s a chance he’s in the right. Needless to say, the post received quite a bit of attention. Thought it was removed from Reddit, it made enough waves to go viral on Reddit, and people (while entertained) were wholly unafraid to mince words on the matter. While we love to see the mockery, we do hope his wife is taking stock of her options, ‘cause this ain’t it. 

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