Disney Memes For Proud Disney Adults

Disney Adults are one of the most oppressed groups in the world today. Well, not necessarily, but they do get a lot of slack for the mere crime of liking a theme park. Sure, maybe wearing mouse ears and crying when you meet Donald Duck is «cringe» by the standards of conventional society, but within the gates of Disneyland, it’s a magical moment! The best part about Disney theme parks is that they’re fun no matter what who you are. They aren’t cheap parks made only for kids; they aren’t concrete jungles with 10 roller coasters and nothing else. Disney provides magical experiences for children of all ages. 

If you’re a Disney Adult, say it with your full chest. There are more of you than the holier than thou haters. If you’re unwilling to give up your devotion to the mouse, you might be interested in the following Disney memes.

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