Doja Cat’s Red Swarovski Crystals-Paris Fashion Week Outfit Is Getting Hilariously Ragged on and Turned Into Memes via Twitter

Sometimes, high fashion says so much by saying so little. At least that’s what we always say when we don’t understand something. However, in Doja Cat’s cases, there is much to be said. What in tarnation is going on here? You don’t have to be into fashion to find out what Doja Cat wore to Paris Fashion Week recently. She sat for five hours while she got her body painted red and covered in 30,000 red Swarovski crystals. Sure, she shimmered and shined as she walked down the carpet into the event, but also… WTF? Warning, if you have trypophobia, then you do NOT want to see this outfit. 

Fans are terrible torn right down the middle. Some are completely in love with this head-turning look, while others think Doja has completely lost it. It screams «rich and out of touch» but also maybe «creative and unique»? Whichever way your head is turning, we can all agree on one thing—this a perfectly meme-able moment. If you think the internet is just going to let a celebrity where that crazy outfit and not get turned into a meme, then you have another thing coming. Just look below at all the memes and funny one-liners about the outfit that we’re born on Twitter alone!

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