Dude Fascinates The Internet After Girlfriend’s Plea About Tunnel Digging Obsession

One piece of guidance that always features in self help books and patronizing lists of mental health tips is the benefit of getting a hobby. Seeing as many of us spend our lives slumped in front of screens for entertainment, this probably isn’t such a bad idea. There’s the possibility that you start doing something that actually makes you feel good, and gives you a point to make you sound like a well-rounded, normal human being on first dates and job interviews.

The only caveat is that if you want to become that kind of person with a pastime, it’s got to be something pretty anodyne, like jiu-jitsu, or needlepoint. It’s also important that you don’t get too obsessed; you want to be the guy with a brown belt, not the weirdo in the corner of the party insisting everyone attack him so he can show off his self-defense moves.

As being a hobby-haver goes, one anonymous advice-seeker’s boyfriend has fallen at both these hurdles. The woman has recently been receiving attention on Twitter for seeking counsel on her significant other’s tunnel digging habit. 

According to her post, the tunnel is being dug on some property that her boyfriend inherited, and he is beginning to spend almost all his spare time dedicated to making it longer. She claimed to be asking for advice mostly because she was afraid that what he was doing might be a safety risk. 

Many were bemused by the situation that she found herself in, but that didn’t stop people from cracking jokes — and pointing out that his behavior might not be as strange as she makes it out to be. While this guy might benefit from a hard hat and a little less time with a shovel in his hand, at least he’s found something he loves.


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