Dystopian Times Connecting Objects to the Internet Went Very, Very Wrong

While it is true that a home that calibrates its vibe to your liking as soon as you walk in the door sounds like a cool, futuristic detail from a Philip K. Dick story, but in reality it looks like a refrigerator that blue-screens every time you try to open it and shower that forces you to watch three commercials before it turns the water on for you. Whew, that was a long sentence. But what can we expect from a world that prioritizes commerce over everything else? If brands are given the opportunity to sell even more products to you through the very objects you buy from them, why wouldn’t they? What’s stopping them? There are millions of examples of ‘smart devices‘ either malfunctioning in hilarious ways or creepily trying to persuade you to give up your biometric data. We’ve collected some truly dystopian posts from one of our favorite Twitter accounts @internetofshit. Crapitalism rocks. 

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