Exhausted Workers Fantasize About Abolishing the Five-Day Work Week

The five day work week seems pretty reasonable to us because it’s all we’ve ever known. And before there were laws that protected workers, everyone was unarguably worse off. So why should we complain now? Well, because it’s completely sensible to hope for a better world, where people don’t have to use what little free time they have to do household work. Of course, not everyone works five days a week. Some people do three long shifts a week, while others have a four-days-on-three-days-off sort of schedule. However our weeks are arranged, full-time workers generally agree: 40 hours per week is too damn much.

When @rishipuff recently said ‘abolish the five day work week please I need to do my dishes,’ 243K people felt that. Not only did their tweet resonate with thousands of people, many in the replies had their own ideas about how the work week should be reorganized. How do you feel about the status quo of full time work? Keep scrolling to see what others are saying.

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