Fans Respond To Jennette McCurdy’s Memoir «I’m Glad My Mom D*ed»

Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy’s memoir «I’m Glad My Mom Died» came out this Tuesday to much hype. The book has received fanfare and criticism, as some found the title to be cruel. The accusations of the title going too far haven’t stopped her debut book from being a huge success and even selling out on Amazon

In her book, Jennette reveals deeply personal details about her relationship with her abusive mother, who taught her to calorie count from an early age, leading to a full-fledged eating disorder. She talks about her experience with the Nickelodeon network and with a man only referred to as The Creator, who is likely iCarly and Sam and Cat creator Dan Schneider. Allegedly, he forced her to drink alcohol underage and to wear a bikini when she was not comfortable doing so. She also expressed discontent at the privileges her co-star, Ariana Grande, got that she was not afforded. She cites Grande playing charades with Tom Hanks as her breaking point. 

While some criticism of McCurdy has arisen, fans have come out in droves on Twitter to share their support for her and her book. 

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