Food Memes and Tweets For Hungry People Who Live to Eat

Not everyone can be a renaissance man, woman, or person. It’s actually pretty unrealistic to think everyone in the world will have a fascinating range of interests, talents, or hobbies.  For much of my pathetic time on this planet, I’ve felt a bit boring. This isn’t because I’m dumb, or because I don’t know how to make conversation. The feeling of blahness I feel about my personality is mostly due to the fact that all I really care about is food. 

I love cooking food in my cramped kitchen. I love eating it, and I even love looking at (and taking pictures of) it. You can bet I love to smell the aroma of bread as it bakes in the oven, or a Sunday Sauce simmering on the stove. When I get together with loved ones, it nearly always involves some kind of delicious treat or food-related activity such as making dumplings or trying our hands at homemade pizza. It’s my fantasy that one day I’ll write about the deliciousness of edible things, but for right now writing about food memes will have to suffice.  So here are some memes that have to do with food. Some of the memes poke fun at the things we choose to eat, while others deal with the agony of making it. They may not fill your stomach, but here’s hoping they fill a bit of the void in your heart. It’s better than nothing.


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