Former Theater Kid Delights Internet Sharing Campy Elvis Impression at First Communion

Out of the numerous denominations of Christianism out there, Catholicism is undeniably near the top of the list of ones with the most theatrical flair. All those big old cathedrals, different types of robes, and Latin rituals lend themselves to the kinds of people who enjoy a little high drama. Add this to the fact that it at least used to be one of the most culturally dominant religions in certain parts of the world, too, and it’s a recipe for numerous references across popular culture.

Perhaps even more prevalent than Catholic-inspired pop culture, though, are the number of Catholics who are committed to theatrics. There’s plenty of high-profile examples out there (hello, Lady Gaga). However, there’s even more people who might not be on the A list, but know how to put on a show. 

One such example is Daniel Assetta, who entertained users of TikTok recently by sharing footage from the celebration of his First Communion twenty years ago. Showing how the ceremonial cake cutting quickly descended into an Elvis-inspired performance for all of his guests, there’s no doubt that he’s always known how to put on a show. If only all ceremonial afterparties could provide such high level entertainment.

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