Fred Durst Has Undergone A Rebrand And People Are Trying To Place The Vibe

Spare a thought for the figureheads of nu-metal. It was a hard job being the laughing stock of 90s music and balancing that with a career in professional douchebaggery. As if to add insult to injury, now they also have to endure being the soundtrack to endless TikTok teens in remixes that offend the ears even more than their original artistry. It’s no wonder that some of them seem to be looking for a new start, not least Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Ahead of the band’s summer tour, Durst deleted all of his Instagram posts and replaced them with a single selfie, debuting a radical new look. 

The combination of his silver hair, handlebar moustache and wistful gaze came as a shock to those used to him presenting a more youthful, aggressive persona. It prompted an avalanche of memes as everybody tried to place his startling rebrand. He may still be doing it all for the nookie, but he’s also got mortgage repayments to worry about as well, OK?

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