Funniest Bridal Party Memes for People Who Barely Survived Wedding Season

The initial reaction to getting asked to be in someone’s bridal party is simple. At first, you’re honored, excited, and feel like an elitist, but then the responsibilities start to sink in. Suddenly you’re in charge of the bachelorette party or the bridal shower, next you’re buying $40 gift bags for 20 people and fronting the money. Then, you’re the one wrangling wayward family members and keeping the bride from blacking out at her own events. Finally, your hair starts to fall out and your continuous stress eating means you won’t fit in the color-matched dress you bought 8 months ago.


Welcome to wedding season. 


And if you’re unlucky enough to have more than one friend getting married during the year, hold on tight. Your wallet is about to be as drained as your energy reserves. Looks like you better enjoy the free bar and your loving friendship while it lasts.

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