Funniest Dog Memes of the Week For Canine Connoisseurs (March 14, 2023)

We’ve got to hand it to dogs. Our canine friends are often hard work, annoying, messy, and generally time consuming, but they brighten our lives so much that most owners don’t feel like any of these things even matter. One of the main reasons for this is that they’re funny; even when we’re having the crappiest of days, they often manage to do something that takes our mind off it simply because they’re so damn goofy.

It’s no surprise that this combination of affection and ridiculousness translates well into memes. If dogs are that funny in real life, with a little help from some captioning and Photoshop they should be downright hilarious. That’s what we think, so we’ve compiled yet another collection of dumb dog memes to help you through the day. Chronicling everything from the struggles of being a dog owner to things that happen in our own lives, they shouldn’t disappoint. 

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