Funniest Dog Memes of the Week For Canine Connoisseurs (May 25, 2023)

Forget everything the haters say. There are few things that compare to the devoted love of dog towards man. It isn’t always the easiest relationship, especially when your canine companion is poorly trained. However, a dog can be relied on to stick with you through thick and thin in a way that most people wouldn’t. The ‘I prefer animals to people’ crowd probably don’t have the healthiest attitude to life sometimes, but they also have a point.

One of the ways in which it is proven is through memes. There are few topics that please the crowd more than anything animal-related. Dog memes have to be close to the top of this category, too. As one of the most popular pets, it’s inevitable that they’ve inspired their fair share of amusing content. We’ve collected a few examples of that here. There is plenty more out there, but this is a good enough start.

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