Funniest Family Guy Memes That Are Better Than the Chloë Grace Moretz One

Celebrity Chloë Grace Moretz recently told Hunger magazine how the Family Guy meme from some time ago truly threw her down a spout of dangerous body dysmorphia. The meme showed an altered photo of her, where they shorted her torso and made her legs seem oddly long and compared it to a silly photo from an episode of Family Guy. The meme went extremely viral when it came out in 2016. The Internet can be a cruel and emotionless place. It’ll create a meme for any reason without thinking of the consequences. This meme made many people laugh on the Internet, but it had a serious effect on this young actress. So, how about we enjoy some other memes from Family Guy. The hilarious adult comedy animated show constantly churns out the memes, and many way better than the dumb Moretz one—like actual good ‘ole fashion styled memes too. 

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