Funniest Greta Thunberg Memes That Naturally Have Nothing to Do With Climate Change

The Swedish teenaged climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has recently gone viral, breaking the Internet once again with her adorably youthful face and sharp-tongued comments that take a stab at pretty much everyone who opposes climate mitigation efforts. Five years after she first came into the world scene as a 15 year old activist, Greta came back with guns blazing, engaging in a Twitter battle with notorious Andrew Tate regarding his complete disregard for the world he lives in– in this specific instance, she called him out on his recycling habits (or lack thereof) and his general carelessness for sustainability. Well, in his childish response to her tweets, Andrew Tate went and got himself found and arrested by the Romanian government because he was bragging about all the recycling he was NOT doing. Nice. 

Now, Greta is at it again in our headlines and she has gone and gotten herself arrested. Oh, how the tables have turned. However, Greta’s arrest was a bit more tactical and intentional, since she was arrested while protesting a German coal mine, instead of boasting about being a cardboard wasting douchebag. Either way, the Earth’s favorite advocate has stirred the pot once again, resulting in a fresh wave of saucy memes.

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