Funniest Memes About Low-Rise Jeans That Will Make Millennials Cry

Millennials wore low-rise jeans, so Gen-Z could run. Literally. Have you ever tried running in low rise jeans? It doesn’t matter if you used wet cement as a belt, those things are falling down. But seriously, why Gen-Z, why would you do this to yourselves? Like, Millennials are flattered that you want to emulate the style we made popular back in the early 2000s, but we learned our lesson and now we are telling you it’s a mistake. Listen, it’s not about how it looks. Yes, millennials are getting old and our bodies can’t fit into low-rise jeans like the used to, but this isn’t about jealousy. The amount of eating disorders these style of jeans created is still plaguing many of us even today. So we’re just a little worried. That’s all. By all means, do whatever style or trend you want! Millennials have no place in telling someone not to take risks when it comes to fashion—we were all about that! Just, read the memes and sleep on this whole bringing low-rise jeans back thing… 

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