Funniest Tweets About All of Our Parents Lies That We Still Kind of Worry About

The more that we find relatable memes and tweets lists on the Internet, the more we begin to believe that there was literally nothing unique about our entire upbringing. Why does it seem like every child has the same worries, why were we all so afraid of quicksand when 99.9% of us will never even come close to approaching it? Perhaps it’s due to media or perhaps we’re all just much more similar than we ever even thought and we just choose to behave differently the older we get because we strive to be individual and unique. Maybe this is too deep for what this list has to offer though.

If you found yourself being quite the anxious kiddo, you were definitely not the only one. Right now people are sharing on Twitter the things that they used to worry about as children and many of these are very relatable, almost uncomfortably relatable. So sit back relax and let’s get into these nostalgic worries that may just bring us all back to a seemingly ‘simpler’ time.

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