Funny Discord Statuses That Perfectly Represent The Chaos Of The Platform

It can be hard to put into words how much the internet has changed how we communicate. However, if there’s one place that epitomizes this point in time pretty well, it’s Discord. The communication platform has made a name for itself through its plethora of message servers dedicated to almost anything you could think of. 

A go-to for gamers and memers alike, it has become a vital part of how internet culture works. This also means it attracts its fair share of oddballs, who can get incredibly creative when it comes to sharing their strangeness. 

r/FunnyDiscordStatus is here to collect the most imaginative examples of this, focusing on the minefield of self-expression that is the user status. Packed with deadpan and pithy humor that sometimes has you asking whether the person behind it is OK, these statuses give a glimpse into why the platform has such a weird and (sometimes not so) wonderful reputation. You would never have got the likes of these on MSN, that’s for sure.

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