Funny Posts With Plot Twists and Unexpected Punchlines

Every now and then it happens. It’s another weekday evening on the couch. You’re tired. And probably bored. So you look to the internet for entertainment. While scrolling almost blindly through mountains of content, we will read a seemingly unassuming comment or tweet that makes you do a mental double take and say ‘hold up.’  Then we scroll back to scrutinize it further, often to baffled or confused results. You know what we’re talking about. Those clever posts that sometimes end in mildly offensive plot twists and often make you feel like a bad person for laughing. 

And then there are the strange overshares that make us a little scared and disgusted by our current reality. Well, the r/holup subreddit is a veritable goldmine of these sorts of strange and surprising gems, and we’ve scoured the sub for some of our favorites. Join us, won’t you, on this journey through comedy gold.

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