Game-Changing Thread Shares How to Make Money From Spam Calls

Spam calls and robocalls feel like they’ve reached an all-time high. I first noticed the increase during the pandemic. Was it because we were all at home? Did some telemarketing law change? Or did I buy a car and learn how to drive while asleep? Whatever the case, the incessant robocalls (especially about my nonexistent car’s warranty) have made it so I never pick up my phone at all. But this thread from @missodessa has me reconsidering my avoidance. 

Our hero goes on to explain exactly how she makes money off domestic scam calls. It’s a multi-step process that involves mailing something (when was the last time you did that?) but we think the effort can pay off – especially considering the sheer volume of calls that come in on a daily basis. Some Twitter users, however, disagree. It seems that even with the detailed explanation, the task seems a bit too arduous for their comfortable asses. Everyone wants free money. And as funny as their tweets are, it sure seems like these lazy naysayers don’t deserve it. 

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