Grimes’ Pregnancy Announcement Is Bringing The Memes

Singer-songwriter Grimes slyly announced her pregnancy with Elon Musk  (and displayed her nipples) on Instagram and Twitter yesterday evening, and the internet has gone completely wild over the news. The Canadian artist had uploaded two photos of herself: one with nipples, and one without. Both photos have a very subtle fetus photoshopped into her womb. After about an hour of rabid internet speculation, Grimes confirmed her pregnancy in an Instagram comment, referring to pregnancy as wild and feral. The post was later deleted for nudity. 

While the Instagram gods have acted upon their wildly anti-nipple stance, they can’t stop memers from going in on the exceedingly memeable couple. Memers are roasting the twosome gleefully on Twitter, making copious references to space, technology, and, of course, aliens. We’re pretty sure that the Musk x Grimes collaboration will result in 100% human offspring, but the meme-y alternatives and witty Twitter reactions are giving us life. Here are our favorites.

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