Harry Potter Memes For Fans Who Think Ron Deserved Better

Ronald Weasley is a horrifyingly underrated character in the Harry Potter franchise. According to some sources, before the first Harry Potter movie came out, Ron was a much more popular character among fans than Hermione. Unfortunately, that changed quickly when the Harry Potter films turned Ron into a goofy comic relief sidekick with fewer heroic moments. Hermione was the smart friend, Harry was the hero, and Ron was just there. The Ron depicted in the movies was definitely not the Ron in the books.

Book Ron wasn’t simply a doofus; he was an incredible friend who welcomed those who grew up in the muggle world into the wizarding world with open arms. He was incredibly brave in the face of evil and was the best friend Harry could have. Ron is more than a fool, and it’s sad that those who didn’t read the books didn’t get to see that side of him. Ron deserved better. 

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