Hunk Rescues Sheep From Barbed Wire, Inspiring Thirst & Admiration

Almost nothing makes women more thirsty than a hot guy with an animal. Except for a hot guy literally saving an animal. And boy, oh boy, are we feeling thirsty today.

We first came across this viral video through the wholesome «Dudes Posting Their Ws» account – and rightfully so. The instance of a hunky, muscular dude (we’re ignoring the man-bun) rushing to save a bucking sheep from its barbed wire entanglement is the definition of a dub. Things got a little more impressive when we found out that the good Samaritan is actually Nick Cummins – a retired Australian rugby player and star of The Bachelor.  

Cummins, also known as «The Honey Badger,» clearly has a way with animals. He calms the creature pretty by clasping its front and back legs together – definitely not a tactic known by your average Joe. After successfully mollifying the sheep, he frees it from the sharp tangles of wire and casually tosses the fella (or lady) to freedom. It’s a refreshing internet moment in a desert of doom and gloom. Judging by the response on Twitter, there are an awful lot of people who needed that happy ending – and some eye candy.

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