Hysterical Karen Has Mask Meltdown On Facebook Live

We’ve officially reached the Golden Age of Karens. And with lockdowns and restrictions «impinging» on their entitled idea of «rights,» there seems to be a greater number of these histrionic white women coming out of the woodwork. Twitter user @shrimpbinch managed to find a prime example of this kind of woman having a complete meltdown on Facebook Live. It seems this Karen simply cannot handle having to wear a mask. She dramatically lists the «symptoms» she experienced while wearing the protective face wear. The symptoms all sound like someone who is experiencing anxiety. But in her mind, it’s clear that she believes the masks are harming her health and violating her rights as an American. The fun doesn’t stop there. @shrimpbinch did some digging and discovered that this «victim» is deep in the insidious MLM scene and has been shilling essential oils that many anti-vaxxers think will cure any illness. The whole thing is mind-boggling, and you can watch the video and hate-read her essential oil promotions below. 

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