Kumail Nanjiani’s Swoleness Inspires Twitter Memes & Debates

Remember back in 2019 when Kumail Nanjiani
shared that super ripped photo of himself on Instagram? Well it seems like a lot of people on Twitter don’t. The Silicon Valley star had been getting swole for Marvel’s Eternals, and his dramatic transformation was talked about for what felt like years. It shouldn’t be news that stars get in shape for Marvel movies, but after Nanjiani shared a photo from his holiday in quarantine, people on Twitter decided it was time to do what they do best: debate his physical appearance. 

The photo in question features Nanjiani in front of a plate of food, jaw looking exceptionally cut – to the point where Twitter users began accusing the actor of using steroids. Most of the jokes were absurd and in good fun, but the mockery struck other users as a tad racist. We don’t see people scrutinizing Chris Pratt’s transformation from flabby Andy from Parks and Recreation to jacked Starlord, do we? While we do think the attacks might be a little unfair, we’re really just here for the jokes. If anything, we’re jealous of Nanjiani’s diesel bod. And more than that? We’re psyched for Eternals. 

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