Lengthy Memes For The Literate

Let’s be real for a second…consuming memes typically does not take a lot of brain power. Sure, most of them contain words, but the majority of memes have such a negligible word and character count that consuming them barely counts as «reading.» This is not the case with the following memes. 

These memes will make you think. Put a pin in whatever you’re doing, because these memes require the utmost focus and concentration. They do not simply go for the lowest common denominator of relatability. These are the memes of the intellectual internet class which few of us can rightfully align ourselves with. 

Say you haven’t read a book in years and your only hobby is media consumption. None of that matters here. If you can understand these memes, you’re a poet. You’re a scholar. There is something in your brain that is working for you, and you deserve to revel in that victory. Congratulations, genius. 

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